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Topics: Travel, Shopping mall, Consumer protection, Business, Marketing, Traveler / Pages: 1 (167 words) / Published: Nov 20th, 2014
1. Define the market
Study what’s out there for travellers in terms of beauty products, services and retail experience in Travel Retail. What is the current market situation? What are the current trends and the vision for the future? Imagine what the aeromalls and airports in the future (in 10 years) will look like. What are the growth opportunities and threats?

2. Identify the competition
Who are the main competitors? Define their positioning and targets.

3. Understand the consumer & identify the consumers’ trends
Who are the consumers who buy beauty products in airports? What are their habits (frequency, preferences, rituals)? What are their expectations? Define the main trends for this type of consumers. How to recruit them, how to loyalize them?

4. Feel the retail experience
What are the specificities of this channel retail experience? Identify how the context of travelling can impact the retail experience, especially in the airports. In a Global shopper perspective, what aspects of retail experience can be improved in Travel Retail?

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