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In this assignment we were proposed to visit two different stores of a company of our choice located in different areas, and observe what is its costumers’ profile and other relevant consumer behaviors. Before visiting the stores, we had to make a pre-analysis on what we were expecting to find, and then compare it to our empirical findings. The stores that I chose are PETSMART stores, the first one located in Manhattan and the second one in East Harlem. PETSMART started as a retail chain specialized in pet supplies. However, during the years they started to offer a whole range of services related directly with the pet’s care such as grooming, pets’ hotel, day camp with training for dogs, veterinary and pet adoption. They have more than 1,352 stores spread across the United States and abroad.

Pre-observation analysis
Before visiting the stores, I did my research on PET SMART’s website and read some online reviews in order to get an idea of which is the target audience of this company. Being located in an urban area such as New York, one should expect that the target audience for this products and services is composed by a wide variety of demographics. Of course, with a big majority of pet owners, but also pet lovers thinking of acquiring a pet. Considering the having a pet represents always some kind of expenses, especially if we are talking about cats and dogs, the average PET SMART’s customer should be someone from the upper lower class or from middle class. The age range is not completely defined, but by the way the company sells their services, almost like the pets are their children, I would say that the main target audience is between 18 to 55 years old. That also gives the perspective that the target customers are either young families with children, young families who opt out of parenthood and young single adults.

Observation 1
The first store that I visited was the PetSmart Manhattan, located more precisely on 632 Broadway. When you enter...
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