Uniqlo Company Profile

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Section 1- General information of the company
Location of the store that I visited: UNIQLO, 546 Broadway New York Times of visit: 1/15, 2/24
* UNIQLO Corporate Headquarters
* 101 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10013
* Annual revenue 2012
* Net sales 153.0 +23.3%
* Operating income 14.5 +65.4%
* Store number*1,085
* Type of retailer by retail mix: Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel UNIQLO was the first company in Japan to establish an SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel)* model encompassing all stages of the business—from design and production to final sale. * Type of retailer by ownership: Independent retailer

* Major competitors: H&M, GAP
* Direct competitors: GIORDANO, PADINI (PDI),
* Indirect Competitors: ZARA, TOPSHOP, F.O.S
* Variety and Assortment: narrow variety and deep assortment The company states that UNIQLO doesn’t emphasize a huge product assortment with country-specific designs. The company sells the best T-shirt in a variety of colors or the best pair of jeans for modest prices. The store seems to have all the necessary items all the times. They carry enough variety of clothes for all their target customers and lots of options in that variety (deep assortment). * Channels the retailer operates: specialty store, online store

Section 2 Strategy of the Retailer

Target Market
The owner declares no target market strategy. Their products are made for all. (Their slogan) However according to the study: Primary target
* Age: 18 - 24 years old
* Gender: Both male and female
* Education: Undergraduate and above
* Occupation: University Student
* Income Range: RM500 – RM1500
* Race & Ethnicity: All races
* Geographic Location: Urban area
* Perception: Affordable brand which is well-known and provides wide and good quality of product lines up * Learning: Friends and siblings, social network, promotions and events  * Motivation & Needs: Desire on trendy stuff and apparel for attractive looks * Attitude & Personality: Young, passion, stylish and trendy * Lifestyle: Casual, active and free

Secondary target
* Age: 25 - 35 years old
* Gender: Both male and female
* Education: Undergraduate and above
*  Occupation: Working adults (white & blue collars) *  Income Range: RM1500 - RM4000
*  Race & Ethnicity: All races
* Geographic Location: Urban area
* Perception: Recognize UNIQLO as top casual wear brand and believe that clothing is important element toward pleasant appearance * Learning: Friends and family, newspapers, internet, environmental factors * Motivation & Needs: Casual wear that ensures high quality and nice design                                                    * Attitude & Personality: Sensitive and passion in fashion trends * Lifestyle: Casual, healthy and challenging

Retail Mix
Simple, plain designs for both men and women, in a wide variety of colours. Items include t-shirts, outerwear, knitwear, jeans, trousers, and accessories, as well as dresses and skirts for women. HEATTECH uses unique material, developed by Uniqlo and Toray Industries, which retains body heat. Price

Basics - Jeans are sold at a fixed price, $25, t-shirts $12-$20 cashmere around $38- $70 HEATTECH - From $12

Physical stores: Currently 6 Uniqlo stores in the US, including global flagship store on Broadway SOHO in NYC. Three stores are in NYC and other three stores are in California. Online store: Uniqlo's comprehensive online store is an important distribution channel, allowing the rest of the country access to the brand. Promotion

They do not do TV advertising much. For the public relations, they had T-shirts design contest recently. On the website, they have what is called UNIQLO jump which is the collection of photographs of...
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