Nordstrom: a Marketing Analysis

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Nordstrom: A Marketing Analysis

“Does the Company’s Marketing match its Mission?”

Justin King
Brittany Culver
Michael Jorgensen

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Executive Summary3


Part 1 0
Swot Analysis0
1. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses0
• History0
• Nature of Firm/Current Situation0
• Resources of Firm0
• Policies and Objectives0
2. External Opprotunities and Threats0
• Social0
• Demographic0
• Economic0
• Competition0
• Technological0

Part 20
Marketing Strategy0
3. Target Market0
4. Marketing Mix0
• Product0
• Place/Distribution0
• Promotion0
• Price

Part 30
1. Porter’s Five Forces Model0
2. Porter’s Value Chain0
3. List of Nordstrom Employee Benefits0



Executive Summary

Nordstrom was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin. From the companies beginning, the business philosophy of Nordstrom has been to provide the best possible service, selection, quality and value to its customers. This philosophy has remained unchanged for over 100 years. Today the mission of Nordstrom is still the exact same.

Over the years Nordstrom has created individual departments that focus on the individual lifestyles of the customers. The company nor only provides its customers with a wardrobe, but also a countless line of accessories, cosmetics, and fragrance. Over the past few years, the company has added new brands to its product line to satisfy its customer needs. In order to give the best possible service to the customer, the company plans on continuing to update the product line as new customer desires evolve.

The employees are extremely focused on creating an environment of customer service within the store as well. The employees are not only focused on meeting the company standards, they are also focused on reaching the standards they have set within their own department as well. Each employee is trusted by the store managers to make good decisions and represent the company well. This trust has built confidence in the employee and enables them to focus all of the energy toward the customer.

The atmosphere of the store also shows evidence of the company mission. The store is easy to navigate through, specific soothing colors are well placed throughout the store, and there is always a piano that can be heard playing in the background. These three things create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere for the customer.

Nordstrom’s mission of providing customer service, quality, selection and value to its customers is carried out in every aspect of the company. The company employees, store atmosphere, and product line all display extraordinary qualities of service. The Mission Statement of Nordstrom is definitely evident in its day to day operations.

Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis)

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

History (Sales, Profits, Organizational Philosophies)

Nordstrom was co founded 1901 by a 30 year old man named John W Nordstrom and his partner Carl Wallin. At age 16, John W of Sweden left his home and moved to Alaska where he struck gold. While in Alaska, he met a man named Carl Wallin, “who owned a shoe repair shop in downtown Seattle” (Nordstrom Employee, 2006). The two decided form a partnership and open a shoe store entitled Wallin & Nordstrom. Right form the start, the business philosophy was “based on exceptional customer service, selection, quality and value” (Nordstrom Employee, 2006). Focusing on this philosophy helped Nordstrom develop a competitive advantage in the shoe market. Due to their success, the company opened a new store in...

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