Case Assignment #1

Topics: Leadership, Big Five personality traits, Openness to experience Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: May 4, 2013
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Case Assignment #1

1. From the limited material presented, analyze Ann Fudge on each of the five OCEAN Model categories (Chapter 6).

Openness to Experience- In this category, Ann Fudge demonstrates the ability to take on a challenge and open to new experiences. During her sabbatical, she has traveled around the world to Sardinia and Corisca. She took up yoga. She also wrote a book called, “The Artist’s Way at Work” which is a manual for improving creativity and innovation on the job. During her tenure at Y&R she worked hard to get the company back on top and also traveled the globe to visit Y&R employees.

Conscientiousness- In this category, Ann Fudge puts in 15-hour days pushing her strategy to focus on clients, encouraging teamwork, and improving creativity. Ann Fudge believes in being honest with people when giving feedback and placing people in the right jobs. In her opinion, it’s all about people and not you. She tries to institute a Six Sigma method for creativity by looking for ways to increase productivity so that employees have more time to be creative.

Extraversion- In this category, Ann Fudge has a reputation as a charismatic leader who listens. Because she has the ability to interact effectively with all constituencies of a consumer business, implies that she has good communication skills. She is a team player, because she encourages team work and a physical presence in order to touch the organization and create a dynamic culture. She is very comfortable with herself. She could engage in several activities with consumers at the ballpark, factory workers on a production line, and executives in the boardroom.

Agreeableness- In this category, Ann Fudge has the ability to get along with others. She has a wide peripheral vision, which is beneficial in knowing when to stop, speed up, slow down, brake quickly, swerve, or even gun it! She surrounds herself with differing...
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