Practical Life Essay

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Teaching is to be effective and to assist young children to advance on their way on independence. Activities that are introduced to the young children must be those kinds of activities that can be performed by their own will. The young children must be thought how to walk without assistance, to run, to go up and down the stairs, to pick up the fallen objects, to dress and undress, to clean, wash and tidy them, to express their needs and thought, and to attempt to satisfy their own desires through their own efforts. All this is thought to the young children as a part of an education for independence.

“If an educational act is to be efficacious, it will be only one which tends to help toward the complete unfolding of life. To be thus helpful it is necessary rigorously to avoid the arrest of spontaneous movements and the imposition of arbitrary tasks.” The Montessori Method, chapter 5. The Montessori education will ensures that the child will develop holistically. The holistic development of the child is including physical development, emotional development, relational development, intellectual development, and spiritual development. During physical development, children need nutritional support as well as hygiene training to ensure healthy development. Emotional Development is as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, war, famine, poverty, and natural disasters, many children live with the scars of emotional trauma. Finding them a local church family and a loving, caring sponsor helps them to heal and grow. Relational development is learning to work and play together, while discovering the wisdom and strength of committed sponsors and local leaders, helps children build strong and lasting relationships to serve God and value humanity. Intellectual development is by gaining an education that develops minds and provides opportunities for employment that will benefit the children throughout their lives. Spiritual development is to help children gain a genuine experience

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