Positive Learning Environments

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Week 9 .Positive Learning Environments.

Towards the end of this week’s blogging- say Monday or Tuesday, consider the following question together: Why do you think that sound classroom management is important? As a result of your reading, viewing and discussion so far, what elements do you believe a teacher should consider when planning for a positive, happy and effective classroom? Your 500 word journal reflection should be about something that you have learned this week through your reading, discussion and interaction on this blog.

I believe that creating a positive environment is not just creating a colourful and inviting atmosphere it is creating an emotionally stable, nurturing and constructed atmosphere with respect for students and teachers alike. I feel Classroom Relationships are a essential part to creating a constructive learning environment and a Teacher should build up a retepore with his/her students as soon as meeting them should endeavour to get to know the students eg: getting students to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, likes, dislikes, interests even maybe a personal development sheet. Team Building, response systems and Interactive Learning should be planned into creating an effective classroom environment. Encouraging students to interact and to value each other’s idea's. The outlined steps on the following site are also more elements I believe a Teacher should consider when planning for a positive and effective classroom. (How to Create a Positive Classroom Atmosphere | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2241604_create-positive-classroom-atmosphere.html#ixzz1Cax71rgx). To create a Positive Physical and Emotional Environment with Effective Displays for a positive atmosphere and visual supports. (Posters, finished work, inspiring artwork and saying's.) Teachers need to create and maintain the classroom discipline system; the students should be involved in making suitable consequences for classroom disruptions and maintaining the...

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