Positive Environments

Topics: Childcare Act 2006, Early Years Foundation Stage, Occupational safety and health Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Homework: 8.02.2013
Louise Harry

Requirements that underpin a positive environment.
Explain how a positive environment and routine meet the needs of children and their families?

All practitioners should ensure they provide a safe, secure environment for children. A positive environment must mean you cater for the child as a whole - meaning their Physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. The EYFS explains that along with caring for a child’s personal development, and helping them build relationships with others - a positive environment is also key in a child’s development. By creating a positive environment, you are enabling a child to flourish and reach their full potential in all aspects of development. It is important to create a setting that ensures all children are 'included' - and feel equal within a setting - good partnership with parents is paramount to ensure the child is getting the best possible care. The EYFS explains how a positive environment interconnects with a child’s whole development. Some key points that are covered in the EYFS to create a positive environment and a good relationship with the parents and children are; *Welcome parents and involve them in their children’s education. *Warm, relaxed, happy, friendly and welcoming environment and staff. *Staff should work effectively as a good team.

*Positive behaviour – staff should always be positive and good role models e.g. no shouting, manners, no violence, etc. *Lots of colour and activity, children seeing their work displayed up on the wall will encourage achievements, helping to develop and promote creativity and self-esteem. *The environment should be safe, hygienic and child friendly. *Well ventilated, with natural light and to always be bright and lovely looking. *Useful resources to reinforce their needs such as stepping blocks to toilets and sinks for washing hands. *Celebrating diversity and valuing the children’s individual needs, and be free from...
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