Eymp3 1.1

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) came into effect in September 2008. This was put together to form 5 sets of standards from birth to 5 year olds, to help with their learning development and care. All early years providers are required to follow the EYFS as regulated by Ofsted.

“The EYFS was introduced to ensure all children in settings are helped in developing good social skill as well as academically”, but the EYFS also provides regulations that make sure children are properly looked after.

5 Standards in EYFS

Ofsted Certificate of Registration should be on show at all times within working hours

Looking out for each childs safety and welfare.
Be able to notice any change within the child’s manor, behaviour, general wellbeing, suspicious signs of bruising, marks signs of abuse, signs of neglect or even unusual comments or words for which they would not normally say. If this happens you must contact your local children’s services and NCMA as soon as possible.

Safeguarding policies are also there to protect yourself from allegations of abuse whether this is on or off the settings premises, Ofsted must be informed straight away if an allegations has taken place and at the latest 14days after the event has taken place.

All complaints must be documented no matter how insignificant we think they are and what the outcome was. All written complaints must be dealt with 28days of receiving them.

When meeting with parents they must be made aware of the types of activities, toys, food provided and the routine of the setting

Policies and procedures available for example, complaints procedure, admissions policy, equal opportunities, safeguarding. Also written permission is needed to allow for admission of medication, transportation in a vehicle, receive emergency treatment, and apply sun cream. When going out permission is needed but childminder must carry first aid kit, contact numbers of children’s parents, mobile phone, and permission slips if the event of accidents and emergency treatment is needed. Risk assessments need to be carried out on the place intending to visit prior to the outing.

Parents have the right to see children’s development records unless in exceptional cases where data protection laws stipulate it is against the best interest of the child to do so.

Suitable People:
Childminders are required to complete DHC Unit 1 in Home Based Childcare, following the completion there is an extensive CRB check on yourself and anyone in the setting over the age of 16years, also regular visitors to the setting are also requested to have a CRB Ratio of children to childminder is 6:1- As a general rule, “childminders can care for up to 6 children under the age of 8. Out of these, only 3 can be under 5, and only one of those 3 can be under one year old. These figures should include childminder's own children.” (ofsted registration certificate) Qualifications; Childminders are required to hold a St Johns Paediatric First Aid Certificate which has to updated every 3years, Food Hygiene Certificate, as from 2015 a Level 3 Diploma in Children’s and Young People Work Force. Inform Ofsted of any changes with name, address or with people in the household over 16years age.

Suitable Environment &Premises:
Ofsted take measures to ensure premises to provide childcare are suitable. Inspections are carried out: space is measured to determine child/space ration, security is checked making sure any hazardous items are out of reach, sockets are covered, health and safety issues are in order. The premises must be a smoke free home, clean and in good decorative order. If pets are present all areas need to be checked to ensure no faeces, food or any pet items are removed from reach.¬¬¬¬

Security Measure:
With all Early Years settings we are required by law to ensure correct safety measurements are followed. Risk assessment are needed to be carried out in all areas of...
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