Learning Communities and Motivations

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Learning communities and Student Motivations
A learning community is a setting in which individuals within the community have the same goals, common relationships, and show concern for one and other. Learning communities are very important, and as teachers we need to be able to make our classroom a productive, great and fun learning community in order for our students to be engaged. Students need to be engaged at every part of the day, lesson and even assignments.

Creating a positive learning community it is not an easy job. Teachers need to be prepared for anything in the classroom. Having a positive community setting can help a lot, because students need to know that teachers expect more from them. Teachers need to make children be aware of their expectations, so they can work at their highest potential, because if the teacher does not do that, the child will feel that it’s not even worth doing the assignment or activity; whatever the case may be. A classroom learning community also needs to make the student comfortable, students need to feel that school it’s also about having fun and making friends.

Motivation plays a big part in the classroom. In order for students to be motivated, the teacher must be motivated, or at least to look motivated. As teachers we need to transmit that passion, that excitement about our lesson everyday, because if students see the teacher disorganized, not exited and bored about their lesson, can you imagine how the students will be? I remember in my primary years of education, I had a science teacher who was always motivated. The minute he walked in to the classroom, I knew by just looking at his face, that we were going to do something fun and exciting. I would always be anxious about class to start because I always had fun in that class. I don’t recall hating a single moment of his lessons. Science is not an easy subject but Mr. Efrain, my science teacher made it easy and fun and that is the result of his character and his...
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