Positive and Negative Impacts on the Growth of Events Industry

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Discussing the positive and negative impacts on the growth of events industry, analysising the different explanations might have in the implications of this phenomenon.


Over the last 20 years, the events industry has grown significantly. This phenomenon appeared might because events industry could bring a great deal of positive impacts on society, environment and economy. Events sustainability has played an important role in the increasing of events industry.

However, it is predicted that there will be a growth of 5.5% per year through 2011 which used to be 6.2% since 2003, this slightly decline of growth rate might causes by the social, environmental, economical negative implications, the global political unrest and natural disaster can also create a negative impact to event industry.

Brief definition of sustainability

Events sustainability is consists of three parts which are social, environmental and economic, because nature's resources are not never-ending, sustainability can find an enduring, balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress. (BSI,2007,P.7)

Sustainability is playing a very important role in growth of the whole events industry, there are many strategies underpinning of sustainability such as 1

U.N.Conference on Environment and Development and United Global Compact. A mindful interaction between three factors could provide a lot of positive impacts to the events industry, some negative impacts will happen when unsustainability takes place.

Economic impacts

Event industry is one of the fastest growing industry, it is becoming increasingly popular because its relationship with local economy. It can bring a positive flow of revenue to a region, a direct visitor's expenditure will increase with the development of events industry, and it will promote a higher economic yield and more opportunities in business field. An event can also create a diversify and stabilize economy.

Taking World Expo as a example, in short-term benefits, the visitor come from all over the world bring a great deal of expenditure to the host city, the business opportunities become more in different fields such as transportation, accommodation, food service, in long term benefits, a city can enhance its recognition by hosting a World Expo and increase trade.

In September, 2009, Rally Australia held in Tweed and Kyogle Shires, it made a great contribution to the local economy. The proposed Rally will provide the opportunity to showcase the Tweed / Kyogle region to the world and attract tourists to the area, providing an economic benefit that is anticipated to exceed $30 million. As the preferred route will cover just under 350 Km in competition on roads in the Tweed and Kyogle Shires, the Rally will provide the opportunity to connect communities. (William Owen, 2009, Rally Australia Socio-Economic Impact Assessment, p10) 2

On the other hand, the events industry can increase government revenue including local and regional taxes so that the government could offer a better service to the citizens and visitors and has enough financial supports for public equipments developing.

The positive flow of revenue into a region should not be the only factor considered...
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