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2008 Summer Olympics

Summer Reading Assignment: Newspaper Unbroken By: Laura Hillenbrand The Torrance Gazette “The Torrance Tornado,” Now “the Torrance Olympian” On a sweltering day in July, our hometown hero represented Torrance in Olympic fashion. Louie Zamperini attempted his bid at a spot on the US Olympic team yesterday during the grueling 5000m race at the Olympic Trials. For those of you who do not know, this distance is unfamiliar territory for Louie, but he felt that his chances of winning a spot...

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Dbq on Olympic

cellphone, email. However in 1892, such technology did not exist, but people unite in different way – Olympic. It is an athletic game originally held in Greece city states every four years in honor of Zeus, their god. Shaped by many factors; ever since the first modern Olympic start in Athens in 1896 this competition became international celebrated. Such as the countries ‘pride of associate with Olympic, the impact of conflict political view affects the team, the economic opportunities created by the...

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Li Ning Company Limited Case Study

triple gold medal winning Olympic gymnast, who founded the sports goods company in 1989[ii]. It has a manufacturing near Beijing, a registered office in the Cayman Islands and since 2004 has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Li Ning specialises in sports shoe and apparel manufacture for what it sees as its five key sports: Basketball, tennis, running, football and fitness. It sells exclusively in The Peoples Republic of China but in 2008, China’s Olympic year, it is trying hard to...

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Asian Games

to host the Games, after Beijing in 1990. A total of 476 events in 42 sports was contested by athletes, making it the largest event in the history of the Games. It was also the last iteration of the Games to have featured such big events, as the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) have enforced new hosting rules for future games, beginning with the 2014 Games. Guangzhou was awarded the right to host the Games on July 1, 2004, as the sole bidding city. This came after the withdrawal of several cities,...

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Getting Rid of Short-Term Mentality

long-term mentality and his beliefs have been manifested today. ‘China's extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming East Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese power and influence’ (Ikenberry, 2008, p.1). The short-term mentality mindsets are escalating in a group of young adults like fresh graduates ready to enter the working life. This may cause a dire consequence as young adults will be the one who will replace and succeed the leaders today...

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Summer Olympic Games

bThe Ancient Olympic Games When were the first Olympic Games? The first known Olympic Games was recorded in around 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. They were celebrated until 396 AD. What events took place in the Ancient Olympic Games? The Ancient Olympic Games consisted of only one race, the "stade" race, which was the length of the stadium and between 180 and 240 metres long (we don't know for sure). Over the years more running races and other events were added, including boxing, wrestling...

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SWOT And Pest Analysis

new innovative ideas are attracting people Facing tough competition such as four season hotels. 全部同我搵例子證明 仲要詳細分析 PEST Analysis: Political The Hong Kong government offer tremendous opportunities for business travel by holding 2008 Beijing Olympic Equestrian Competition Individual Visit Scheme – attract new china tourists Hong Kong airport implement build the No.3rd runway 搵多個POINT 要詳細描述一下 Economic 暫時一個point都無 最少諗4個出黎 要詳細描述一下 Social Culture In some countries, there will...

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Solutions/Efforts Taken by Nations, Ngos, and Organizations in Managing Global Environmental Challenges.

Furthermore, factories are now given a clean industry reward or high pollutant punishments following the implementation of stricter environmental laws. These laws were a result of a series of complaints by athletes of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. With the spotlight on China for the 2008 Olympics, the nations horrible air conditions became the limelight of the news all over the world, forcing China to take extreme measures to prevent further backlash. Even with their efforts to clean up Beijing, experts say...

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Study of Tourism Hospitality and Event

distinct methods of thinking, scholars have different understanding of the essential characteristics of tourism, therefore there is also a big difference in definitions of tourism. According to the most representative 63 definitions in the world, Zhang (2008) summarized five main features of tourism concept, including: first, it is the movement of people, which refers to population mobility that people move from one place to another. Second, travel has one or more motivations. Third, tourism activities...

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Sports and Transgender

gender's body. Transgender does not have advantage against heterosexual playing sports. However some people still think transgender has more advantage over normal people. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) allow transgender exhibits Olympic with gender that they changed, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) set three rules about transgender. "Fundamentally, though, it shows a lack of awareness of the current medical thought on the issue of transgender athletes. The overwhelming...

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