Topics: 1966, 1968, Pakistan Pages: 4 (955 words) Published: May 4, 2013
for those who says Shebaz sharif sb nay energy sector k lye kuch nai it admin

• Nandi pur (Gujranwala) power project was intended to produce 425 MW electricity and it was a Combined Cycle Power Plant. And its completion date was April 2011

• While Chichu ki Maliyaan power project was of 595 MW and also a Combined Cycle Power Plant

• 18th Amendment Bill was passed by NA on April 10, 2010 and was signed by President Zardari on April 18, 2010

• Power Production Agreement at Nandipur was signed b/w PEPCO and Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited China (DEC) in January 2008 and ECC was completed in Oct 2008 [By then PMLN was came into power in PUNJAB]

=> Links :-


• By the effect of signing the ECCs,, the consignments containing necessary equipments landed at Karachi port and Port Qasim in the beginning of 2009 and 10% payment was made to contractor

• Meanwhile the objections were raised over this project by the then Federal Secretary Water and Power Mr. Ismail Qureshi and Federal Law Secretary Mr. masood chsishti => Links :-

• The purpose of these objections were just to COLLECT their BLACK MONEY from the concerned Chinese companies and on not being paid the bribe the files of both these projects were withheld as a conspiracy against Punjab

• Punjab Govt raised her voice over this UNFAIRNESS by federal through every means !! => Links :- (1st Jan’11 – Way before PTI Lahore Jalsa)

=> (22nd April’11 – Six Months prior to PTI Jalsa)

=> (30 Aug’11 – Before PTI’s 30 Oct’11...
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