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NTPC is the largest power Company in India, it was setup in 1975 to accelerate power development in the country. NTPC is among the world’s largest and most efficient power generation companies. It has been ranked among the top 500 on the Forbes 'Global 2000' list of the world's largest and most powerful public companies. It is a part of Forbes list of World’s 2000 Largest Companies for the year 2014, NTPC occupies 424th place. The company has power generating facilities in all major regions of the country. NTPC has an installed capacity of 43,039 mw, or about 19% of India's installed capacity. But it contributes as much as 28% of electricity generation. The company has 16 coal-based, seven gas-based, seven solar and seven joint venture power stations. NTPC has been playing a major role in meeting the power needs of the country and contributing to its economic and social development. The company has been conferred with the coveted 'Maharatna' status by the government. It has a vision to be the world's largest power producer.

NTPC has gone beyond the thermal power generation. It has diversified into hydro power, coal mining, power equipment manufacturing, oil & gas exploration, power trading & distribution. NTPC is now in the entire power value chain and is poised to become an Integrated Power Major.NTPC's share on 31 Mar 200 8 in the total installed capacity of the country was 19.1% and it contributed 28.50% of the total power generation of the country during 2007-08. NTPC has set new benchmarks for the power industry both in the area of power plant construction and operations. With its experience and expertise in the power sector, NTPC is extending consultancy services to various organizations in the power business. It provides consultancy in the area of power plant constructions and power generation to companies in India and abroad. In November 2004, NTPC came out with its Initial Public Offering (IPO) consisting of 5.25% as fresh issue and 5.25% as offer for sale by Government of India. NTPC thus became a listed company with Government holding 89.5% of the equity share capital and rest held by Institutional Investors and Public. The issue was a resounding success. NTPC is among the largest five companies in India in terms of market capitalization. Recognizing its excellent performance and vast potential, Government of the India has identified NTPC as one of the jewels of Public Sector 'Navratnas'- a potential global giant. Inspired by its glorious past and vibrant present, NTPC is well on its way to realize its vision of being "A world class integrated power major, powering India's growth, with increasing global presence".

Business depends on society for the needed inputs like men, money, & skills. Business also depends on society for market where products may be sold to the buyers. Thus Business depends on society for existence, sustenance & encouragement. Social Responsibility is understood as the obligation of decision makers to take actions which protect and improve the welfare of society as a whole along with their own interest. Every decision the Businessman takes and every action he contemplates have social implications. Social Responsibility of the business is not new to our country. In the oldest days, whenever there was a famine, the leading businessman of the area would literally throw open their godowns and their treasure to provide food and other assistance to the needy. Even in ordinary times it was businessman who looked after the welfare of destitute, the goshalas, wells and ponds wherever water was difficult to get, the pathsalas and so on. So to accept corporate social responsibility is no more than dedicating ourselves to the cherished values of our ancestors in the field of business.

NTPC’s integrated approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility

NTPC mission...
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