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I. Introduction
The playgrounds at elementary schools are the first place where children begin to develop their social skills. Playgrounds not provide a sanctuary and are the first place where children learn to deal with other people, but allow children to learn valuable social skills. Playgrounds also provide a location where numerous young friendships are started.

Athletic facilities, not only can new, or renovated fields, stadiums, or gyms bolster community spirit, but they offer spaces for school kids to establish a regular physically active lifestyle at a young age, an extremely important preventative strategy for combating chronic disease and obesity. Furthermore, athletics provide outlets for students to develop important skills such as leadership, persistence, practice, and group responsibility, among others. In this way, sports help to ‘educate the whole person’ and promote ‘socio-emotional’ learning – topics we have discussed at length as important, perhaps critical, to education.

II. Body of the Report
Playground area should be considered together with classroom as one 1. Learning environment for educational growth. They should be developed and planned extensively not only for the sole purpose of an improved physical education program but also for the future use of pupils and teachers in other educational activities. Recommended Facilities and Equipment are;

10.1.1. Space Components. Playground areas should include any or all of the following space components. * Open Grass areas for group games and other group activities; * Paved areas for court games and other group activities; * Equipment areas where the different types of playground apparatus are provided for developing or improving muscular coordination ; and * An oval tract.

10.1.2. Playground Facilities
* volleyball court| * basketball court|
* softball diamond| * gymnastic floor area|
* baseball diamond| * football field|
* jumping fit| * swimming fool|
* a standard track oval with a distance of 400 meters or less| * sepak takraw|

10.1.3. Basic Equipment for Sports and Games Skill development and Maintenance
* rings | * chinning bar|
* sack| * baseball bar|
* coco stilts| * shot put|
* bamboo stilts| * table tennis set|
* baton| * javelin|
* arnis| * soccer football set|
* clapper| * parallel bar|
* sipa ball| * gymnastic mats|
* volleyball set| * lawn tennis set|
* basketball set| * vaulting box|
* discuss| * vaulting pole|
* softball set| |

10.1.4. Basic Equipment for Locomotor Skills
* Drawing stick (wand)| * Jigsaw puzzle|
* Rattan hoop | * Chess set|
* Bean bag| Tape recorder set and set of tapes of music of different time signature| * Bench| * Scramble set|
* Whistle| * Balance beam|
* Colored chalk| * Sungkaan|
* Tape measure| * Chinese checker set|
* Hurdle| * Stop watch|
* Dama Set| * Horizontal ladder|

10.1.5. Playground Equipment. The equipment area should be provided with the following playground apparatuses, among others:

* Slides (8 ft. high)| * Climbing structures|
* Swings (10 ft. frame)| * Horizontal Ladder (7 ft. high)| * Seasaws (20 inch fulcrum)| * Others|
* Chinning bar| |

Section 11. Athletic Equipment

11.1 The following athletic equipment and supplies are recommended as basic requirements for the school athletics program:

* Baseball set (consisting of balls, bats, catcher’s mitt, catcher’s mask, catcher’s body protector, basement’s mitts, fielders’ gloves, base plates, etc. ) * Softball set (consisting of balls, bats, mitts, masks, protectors, base plates, etc. ) * Basketball set ( consisting of balls, goal rings with nets, etc. ) * Volleyball set (consisting of...
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