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In John Tierney’s article “Can a Playground Be Too Safe?” published in The New York Times during the summer of 2011, he examines what playgrounds are like currently in New York. He points out that the structures have become smaller, closer the ground and rubberized. Tierney criticizes the idea of safer playgrounds that reduce physical injuries and reveals that safe playgrounds may be creating more harm than good. He argues that these playgrounds will stunt emotional development, generating more...

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Sports Event in School

indoor. In our school, the schoolboys play football, volleyball, basketball, table -tennis, chess, and so on. The school playground is no less important than the school lessons. It is on the playground that we learn to face defeat with a smiling face. So, the school playground helps the students to fight the battle of life like brave soldiers and heroes. Our school has two playgrounds to play football and two for playing basketball. There will be tournaments to play football in every Grade from Grade-4...

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Neighborhood Problem

of the amenities are still in developing stage. The landscaping, playground and security need improvement. The playgrounds lack play materials for the children, this was a yearly occurrence and one would think a solving, no matter how small would have been thought up before then. We rallied around yet again trying to provide the children with a fun and safe playground for the day, The neighborhood lacks one. The playgrounds are unsafe for children due to some default equipment. The swing sets...

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Longueville Summary

This reserve features ample shaded areas, parklands, and playground equipment. Picnic seating and barbeque facilities make this an ideal park for picnics. The views of the Land Cove River are so picturesque from here, that painters love using it as their subject for beautiful artistic works. • Aquatic Park, on Mary Street, is a riverside park with a slopping grassy landscape along the Lane Cove River foreshore. The amenities include playground equipment, picnic tables, and electric barbeque facilities...

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Observation of the Early Childhood

I'm going to observe them performing are the large muscle/gross-motor skills. The large muscle/gross-motor skills include: climbing across the monkey bars, riding bigwheels (or tricycles), and running through a built-in obstacle course on the playground. Starting with the monkey bars, it's clearly obvious that Karligh is physically stronger upperbody-wise than Bethany. With surprising ease, Karligh crossed the monkey bars using nothing but her arms to perform this task. Bethany on the otherhand...

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Change Agent

City has a vast variety of neighborhood playgrounds all with different needs depending on where they are located in the city. While the city is known as the City of Fountains it is the park department that is responsible for keeping the main boulevards, fountains beautiful, and playgrounds well manicured. The parks department does not have a large budget and at times has had to cut back and scale down improvements to neighborhood parks. Westside Park playground, in the West Plaza neighborhood, is...

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Diwalwal Child Labor

Playground/Workplace At an early age, a child’s favorite place in the world is the playground. Here, a child sees the world as his own—the sandbox, the monkey bars, and the swings—everything is his to touch and play with. More often than not, he runs around with his playmates around the playground, as if nothing else matters but playing with them. The playground, filled with toys, children and laughter, gives us an idea of a harmless and fun place. But this isn’t always the case. ...

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Chief Haymart's 'Chief': A Short Story Of Chief

years of living in Pender they added a new play ground by the softball field. It made the memorial field more kid friendly. During all the softball games you could her all the kid running around for foul ball before they put the playground in. After they built the playground all the children spent their time playing rather then snatching up all the foul balls for a laffy taffy. The field is set up right next to a couple of fields on the west side of Pender. Most fields in towns have their baseball...

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P3 M2 D1

building, the air and the temperature” (Stretch and Whitehouse, 2010, p89) All staff and teachers must be aware of the environment that they are taking the children in and what’s around them as well as the children to prevent any hazards. Improper playground A child’s skin or limbs if they fall and make a fall 5 I have chosen this number for the occurrence because it can be a fifty chance that child can hurt them-selves on the equipment in the play area such as the park. This maybe by falling over....

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Field Trip to Pre school

Piper Rooney. The school starts every day at 8am until 4pm, except Saturday and Sunday. We got a limited observation time from 10.30am to 1.30pm. At 10:30am our class entered the school and emerged into a big playing yard. It was a nice and big playground planned for children to feel them comfortable and have fun. The teacher divided us into groups of four people. The purpose of small groups was not to scare the children, also to provide better observation of each class. The school had several different...

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