Plato's Philosophy of Death; Critical Analysis

Topics: Afterlife, Hell, Heaven Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Plato’s philosophy of death: critical analysis

“Death is not the worst that can happen to men.”

Nowadays, many died because of accident, by sickness, and by drowning. Others by old age, murder, suicide, starvation, overeating, and some died while still in the womb. Some died with open minds in surrendering their lives with peace of hearts. But many people are wondering, what really happens when a human dies, and what the purpose of death is. Does it need some preparation, and is there something to fear of death? Why need to die, is there something new after death? In the first edition of Encyclopedia a Human Britannica, death was briefly summarized as the separation of the soul and body. Others would also say that death is something that cannot be avoided by anyone. It is something we all must face; no one can stop or keep away from it, nor money and any medication treatment. Some may say that it is the end of their lives here on earth. Some may also say that it is painful, when they are not ready yet. For Plato he defined death as the separation of the soul and body. For him, death is just the end of the body; the soul will still continue to exist. He believes in the immortality of the soul similar to Christian view. Christians believe that the soul would continue to exist, and the body is just a vessel of the soul. Thus, there is an afterlife where the souls proceed to three places, the heaven, purgatory, and hell. Those people who are doing well when they still alive, they will be put to heaven. While those who do not do well, they will be put to hell. Death is not really something that we can experience and it does not exist for an individual to experience. It is inevitable, means expected to happen because it is just part to human existence.
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