Socrates and the Afterlife

Topics: Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Socrates and the Afterlife
J Tarolli
November 14, 2012
Introduction to Philosophy
Brian Raftery

Socrates was a man of very distinct descriptions. He believed that we all would meet in a place in the afterlife. We would follow a guide down our chosen path according to the life we lived. Socrates didn’t have a fear of death or the path he would travel in the afterlife. He had a very detailed idea of how the terrain would be. He envisioned in exquisite detail of the beauty of the afterlife. He spoke of the path that people would take based on the type of person they were and the acts they committed. He is a man that doesn’t have a fear for death. He is a man that believes that there is life after death.

Socrates doesn’t fear death because of his philosophical life. He even states that “those that have duly purified themselves with philosophy live henceforth altogether without the body, in mansions fairer than these.” (Plato & Jowett, 1901, p. 444). His fear is tossed aside because he believes that a man that has positive and noble characteristics is ready die. He believes that his journey to the afterlife will be a short span and he will be reborn unto this world. Socrates that as long as a man has cast aside his pleasures as alien to the body and can cause pain is ready to go.

Socrates had a very vivid imagination as to his views on death and the afterlife. He envisioned guided paths that one must follow to a point of entry to the rivers. He described these rivers with the ebb and flow of life. The final spot is Tartarus, the deepest point in the Earth. His theory was that each person travelled one of these rivers until they were ready to return to Earth in another form. The philosophical will dwell in the purer Earth in mansions. The incurable will are destined to Tartarus and never to come out. Those that are neither well nor ill will suffer a penalty and then be absolved. There are some that have committed crimes that are not unpardonable and...
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