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Planking is considered as a sport. It started from Australia, passed down to Singapore through the social network world. Singaporeans now often plank during their free time. Some of the plankers plank in public areas, high places, highways and train tracks. A Meadow Heights man named Acton Beale who claims to have started the 'planking' phenomenon in Australia says what started off as a joke between friends has exploded out of control since going viral. But the inventor’s stunt “planking” went horribly wrong and he died. You just lie down almost anywhere and put your hands by your side with your face facing towards the ground.
The reason of people planking is because they think it’s thrilling, interesting and fun. People plank because they were inspired by the place you plank, how often you plank. Some people plank because they think its fun, an easy way to gain attention in public. Young children think it’s weird because they don’t know why people are planking, old people think it’s boring because they think it’s boring by just lying on the floor while teenagers think it’s cool because they have nothing to do in their free time and got bored of the social network world and they finally got a chance to go outside and do some “sports” that they will only like.
The total population of planking around the world is approximately 5, 000 people planking around the world. The population of planking in Australia is approximately 1, 500 people. While in Singapore is 2,000 people planking in public. These two countries have the most planking population. Some other countries plank such as Japan, India, French and etc.
Planking is dangerous depending on where you plank and how you plank. Some people plank on impossible and dangerous places such as lampposts, balconies, highways, mountain cliffs and etc. So far, 2 people had died of this sport “planking”, the inventor had died, and a fan of planking in Singapore had died on the highway. Innocent life had been

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