Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Feelings, Olfaction / Pages: 2 (415 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2014
Mr. laskdjfjfkd
English 102
September 3, 2013
Response to Cisneros’ “Pilón”
In Sandra Cisneros’ short story, “Pilón,” she uses vivid details to make it feel like as if the reader is actually in Mexico, standing on Cinco de Mayo Street, and having the same thoughts as she was. She states specific places such as Café la Blanca to give the reader a visual of where she was. Also, stating that an organ playing “Farolito” seems to make one feel as if they were actually there. When Cisneros mentions how the music stirred something up inside of her, it was as if I could literally feel the chaos going on. It wasn’t necessarily a bad feeling, more like a changing of feelings, more or less. From her memories being thrown around, it started to bring up memories and blurred images into my head, which allowed me to connect with her and share that mutual feeling. Cisneros states that what she had forgotten was a state of being, not a mood. This at first was confusing and then it occurred to me that she meant she had forgotten herself as a child. Cisneros goes on to talk about life as a child and adolescent. She points out how girls do not even realize that they have a body when they are young, simply because it does not matter to them. All that matters is that they are happy and could care less about how they appear to others. Next, she mentions the red Rubicon. It could be interpreted that the red Rubicon signified her growing up or hitting puberty. Also, it could be interpreted that her ancestors crossed over the river to get to America. She goes on with scattered thoughts about the taste of caramel on her tongue, the beach, the water, the smells, and the noises. Reading this started to put me in a daze, as if I could feel myself on the beach with the smell of the salty air. Finally, Cisneros concludes her story by stating her longing for a country that her ancestors came from. The memories she had, never actually belonged to her, but they had come

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