Two persons i admire

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My aunts Sara and Stella are similar in many ways and I have great admiration for both of them. When I look back on my childhood they were always present and close to me. They were always present giving my mother a helping hand when needed. We were always going to the beach or on family outings together and having so much fun. They are both short in height, have long hair, are teachers and are somewhat strict yet gentle in nature. To date they are always right there when I need a shoulder to cry on or just a listening ear, and giving me great advice when needed. Aunty Sara carried me to Venezuela when I was nine years old. That was my first vacation out of Chicago and the first time I flew on a plane. We stayed in a hotel named “El Caribe” in the city of Caracas and our first day in that country we had breakfast at a small restaurant located just a short distance away from the hotel. I remember like it was yesterday. We had tacos, with sweet sauce and I had a large glass of orange juice and Aunty Sara had coffee with two milks and one sugar just the way she liked it. After breakfast we went shopping. To me it felt like we walked the whole of Venezuela and some. My feet hurt but I had so much fun it really didn’t matter. I ate so much sweets that day that my stomach hurt and my teeth edged. Every stop we made there were these little carts with little short men selling sweet ice or flavored ice shavings. I specifically remembered watching my Aunt with awe and admiration when she rattled Spanish fluently when she asked for something or purchased an item. Then we would move on to another village like area and shop again. After shopping we had lunch and dinner in one, because we spent most of that day running around buying clothes, shoes, etc. We ate at the same little restaurant. This time the atmosphere was different. I remember soft Spanish music playing on a radio, lighted candles flickering around the restaurant and my aunt dancing with a...
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