The Person Whom I Admire

Topics: Big Bang, YG Entertainment, Taeyang Pages: 6 (2356 words) Published: September 8, 2013

The person whom I admire ,let’s see? Recently I’m interest with the K-POP idols, G-Dragon. He is a leader of a group name Big Bang, it is a group that popular in Korea ,Malaysia or even everywhere, let’s just say anywhere you’re going they will know about this group if you ask them. Big Bang is even popular amongst uncle and aunty or in Korean ‘Ahjusshi’ and ‘Ahjuma’,this ahjumma and ahjusshi even goes to their concert just for to see what kind of appearance they make this time “Are they going to do a special style of appearance”? this question mostly been talking by their fans while waiting for their idols to come up on the stage, this show that how much excited Big Bang fans to see their individually idols. When Big Bang show up on the stage all the fans will scream as loud as they can while jumping and lifting their own lights that been carve as Big Bang’s logo that is a crown. Big Bang appearance is the most been waiting by their fans because when it’s the time for them to appear on the stage they will always make their fans feel suspend and excited. Likes,” What they going to do, what they going to do?” that kind of feeling Big bang’s fans felt. Big Bang fans really loyal to them because when them on a live show and they had to have a conversation with the “MC” of the show and they been ask about personal matter they will answer it honestly and them did not put on a fake personality when they on the camera they always show their true colors, not a fakes one. That’s the reason why all of their fans loyal to them. Back to the topic about “The Person Whom I Admire”, G-Dragon. He’s position in Big Bang are the Leader &Main Rapper. His real name is Kwon J i-Yong. His birthday is 18 AUGUST 1988. His the 3rd the most taller in Big Bang, his height is 177 cm. His weight is 58 kg, he blood type is A. About his education, he study at Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle &High School. His skills is that he really good at rapping, dancing, beat boxing, composing,, singing and he can speaks in five languanges that is Chinese, English, Japan, Malaysian and French. He debut at DaeHaeMinGook Hip Hop Flex( 2001 ).He hobbies is that he really like to drawing pictures and listening to music and when he start to draw a pictures he will always babbling to himself “is it like a stars or skeleton “,he like to read books (poems, manga /comics and magazines).He also like to watch cartoon and himself. His religion is Cristian. His family members just his parents and older sister( Kwon Dami).His personality are, he is pretty bright…When he is quiet, he is extremly quite. He lightens the mood a lot. He leads the group. His senses are fast, has high self-esteem and likes to be outstanding. His pendent is a bball cap(GD’s favourite style of cap) on top of star meaning “to become a big star in the music industry”. G-Dragon initially started out as child hip hop artist likely in hopes of emulation the popularity and success Lil. Romeo and Lil. Bow Wow in the states. He was also a model .However, he could not release an album and was limited to featuring on other YG artist album. On January 2001,GD debuted on the compilation album DaeHaeMinGook Hip Hop Flex as a rapper. After his debut, he was recruited along with Taeyang to act in JinuSean’ s mv as mini JinuSean , which was released in February of the same year. Then GD started training out his planned debut as one half of hip-hop duo GDYB. During that time, he was featured on songs by Perry,Se7en,Wheesung,YG Family and Masta Wu. He also had cameos (A brief appearance of a prominent actor, as in a single scene of a motion picture. Also called cameo role.) in many YG artists’ s music videos and performed in concert with Wheesung,Gummy,Se7en and in YG Family’s annual One concerts. Out of everyone...
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