Dr. Martin Luther King

Topics: African American, Rosa Parks, Nobel Peace Prize Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: August 22, 2013

“A man who is not willing to die for something, Is not fit to live” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

The person that I admire is a man that we all cherish and celebrate every year in his honor. He was an American Clergyman, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and quite possibly is the most influential leader in all of American history. That man is the great, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up, Dr. King knew his ancestors’ history and how Africans got to America. He knew that African slaves where captured and brought to America by rows and rows of Africans stuffed into slave ships like sardines, Then sold into slavery and sold to the Whiteman. Although this happened centuries before Dr. King’s time oppression still lived strongly in America. The thing that was truly inspiring was the even though young Dr. King knew this, he found a way to look past those times of extreme racism and slavery, to see a brighter future. A future much like today, free of racial segregation and equality for all races.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Atlanta, GA on Jan. 15, 1929. Atlanta was one of the cities that suffered the most racism out of the whole south. From major segregation, to the KKK’s infamous cross burnings and lynchings, Atlanta had it all. The reason for this is because one of the KKK’s main headquarters in Atlanta. Even though Dr. King was surrounded by racism, that never stopped him from pushing forward and dreaming of a better tomorrow. That to me is very admirable alone.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s father was a great influence in his life. Dr. King’s father, Martin Luther King Sr. , was also a civil rights activist and worked with a group of anti-racial leaders in there community. Dr. King used to talk about how influential his father was on his life and political upbringing, and how he used to admire his father greatly for what...
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