Analysis and response to 8 of the stories in Sandra Cisneros' "Woman Hollering Creek"

Topics: Sandra Cisneros, Family, The Whole Story Pages: 11 (3952 words) Published: February 11, 2003

I question whether these two people in the story are having an affair, back together after a divorce, or whatever? Something as simple as bread can lead to that answer. The bread is much like their relationship, actually exactly like it. "We were hungry. We went into a Bakery on Grand Avenue and bought bread. Filled the backseat. The whole car smelled of bread. Big sourdough loaves shaped like a fat ass"(Cisneros 84). It was an affair. They were lusting each other and finally have to give in and it is Grand, like the Avenue, it fills the backseat, and the whole car smells of it. Comparing the bread to an ass also takes on a sexual tone. "We ripped big chunks with our hands and ate"(Cisneros 84). They gorged themselves with this bread and with sex.

Next comes the music. "A tango on the tape player loud, loud, loud, because me and him, we're the only ones who can stand it like that, like if the bandoneon, violin, piano, guitar, bass, were inside us, like when he wasn't married, like before his kids, like if all the pain hadn't passed between us"(Cisneros 84). The music too is like their love. It also explains they are the only ones that can stand it like that. This might be why they still have this love that once was, even after the fact that he is married with children. She then mentions the pain that occurred between them, and you then question what exactly their relationship is.

But it doesn't seem that the man feels the same way about what occurred between them. "Driving down streets with buildings that remind him, he says, how charming this city is. And me remembering when I was little, a cousin's baby who died from swallowing rat poison"(Cisneros 84). To me it seems that their view may differ slightly. Like their view of events past. He remembers them as being charming, and sweet. Yet her thoughts are of babies dying from rat poison. Like their relationship had. He probably got this wife of his pregnant so they went off to get married, leaving her behind. But now he realizes he still has some feelings for her so he figures he'll have this fling every now and then. But all the while inside, she is in pain from her love for him.

"One Holy Night" Sandra Cisneros

The story begins by telling the reader a bit about events following the actual story. The narrator has done something, yet it is hard to say what that was. She then makes a reference to not being like other girls who go with men into alleys, and how she did not want it like that. "Not against the bricks or hunkering in somebody's car. I wanted it come undone like gold thread, like a tent full of birds. The way I knew it would be when I met Boy Baby"(Cisneros 28). This seems to me to be about sex, buy maybe I am crazy. But then at the bottom of page twenty-nine, "It was there, that he showed me the guns - twenty-four in all. So you'll see who I am, he said, laying them all out on the bed of newspapers. So you'll understand. But I didn't want to know"(Cisneros 29). At this it now seems as though she and this guy would get into trouble with all of these guns or something. But somewhere between pages 30 and 31 I realize that it was definitely sex that she was talking about. "And how it is that sex isn't simply a box you check M or F on in the test we get at school"(Cisneros 31).

By the end of the story you discover this guy, so-called Boy Baby, is a rapist and murderer. Talk about irony. "A picture of him looking very much like stone, police hooked on either arm...on the road to Las Gratas de Xtacumbilxuna, the Caves of the Hidden Girls...eleven female bodies...the last seven years...Then I couldn't read buy only stare at the little black-and-white dots that make up the face I am in love with"(Cisneros 34). And this is what I feel is the central meaning to this story. That the love of a 14-year-old girl is blinding. She does not know how, or why, all she knows is that this man, pretending to care for her, is something...
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