Physics Summary Sheet

Topics: Electromagnetism, Light, Electron Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Electric circuit - one simple, complete conducting circuit pathway Electronic gadget - a machine that consists of multiple circuits and transducers Transducer – device that converts energy from one form to another Input transducer – converts other forms of energy (sound, light, heat) into electrical energy, e.g. microphone Output transducer – converts electrical energy into other forms of energy, e.g. speakers Processor Component – found in electronic gadgets, receives signals from input transducer and responds by operating the output transducer Transistor – device found in processors that can amplify electrical signals or act as a switch Diodes – also found in processors, allows the electric current to flow in only one direction Semi-conductor – a material whose ability to conduct electricity is somewhere between a conductor and insulator LED – a light emitting diode, which is a transistor which transforms electric current into thermal and light energy. Found in traffic lights, car lamps and indicator lights, and are sturdy, operate for a longer time and use less energy than standard lights. Integrated circuit – a usually complex circuit with many components, and is packaged into a small unit called a chip Magnetic field – is created when an electric charge moves; it is a region where a permanent experiences a magnetic force of attraction or repulsion Electromagnet – is created when a coil of wire is wrapped around a soft piece of iron when an electric current flows through the wire the magnetic field it creates causes the domains in the iron to line up, creating a strong magnet Domains – the magnetic regions the iron atoms arrange themselves into that act like tiny magnets with north and south poles Electricity – The collection of physical effects related to the force and motion of electrically charged particles, typically electrons, through or across matter and space Electromagnetic Gadget – A machine that consists of a coil wire wrapped...
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