Explanation of How Batteries Work

Topics: Battery, Zinc, Anode Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: November 30, 2010
How Batteries Work

TOPIC: Explanation of how batteries work
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform the audience how a battery works on a scientific level THESIS STATEMENT: A battery is essentially a can full of chemicals in which chemical reactions take place to allow for the flow of electrons.

I. Batteries are everywhere. They are in our cell phones, our flashlights, our cars, our laptops. (Attention getter) II. Life as we know it is made possible largely by batteries. III. Yet, very few people would be able to explain how a battery works on a detailed chemical level. IV. On a not-so-detailed level, a battery is essentially an energy supplier. V. But today we’re going to go beyond this definition to truly understand what’s going on inside a battery. (Thesis) TRANSITION: Let’s start by first understanding electricity and circuits. Body

I. Electricity is the flow of electrons through a conductive path such as a wire. A. This path is called a circuit.
1. Batteries are hooked up to these electrical circuits.
2. They provide the energy to the other items connected in the circuit. a. If electrons simply flow through a circuit uninhibited, it will create a short circuit. b. “Loads” such as light bulbs, motors, and radios are connected in the circuit to avoid this. B. Circuits work when they are “closed,” and everything is connected. C. Batteries provide the energy to the circuit by converting chemical energy into electric potential energy. TRANSITION: How is this accomplished?

II. First we must answer the question, “what exactly is a battery?” A. Batteries have 3 parts.
1.Batteries have an anode- the negative end.
2. They also have a cathode- the positive end.
3. In between them is the electrolyte.
a. The electrolyte electrically connects the anode and the cathode since they do not physically touch each other. b. The electrolyte can be either solid or liquid.
B. Batteries are filled with...
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