Photography in Social Media

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Photography in Social Media
In theory, social networks can be used to boost confidence and make a person feel closer to his or her peers in their social lives. Teenagers in this day and age no longer live in a world of handwritten notes passed back and forth in class. They are living social lives on a completely public forum. The youth of this generation have the access to take a picture of anything they wish and have the ability to post the picture to any social networking site for the world to see. With technology advancing, it is becoming easier and easier to document life through technology and can be done as simply as a flick of the wrist. Photography has had a significant impact on the social lives of today’s youth.

To understand this impact on the youth, people have to look at the evolution of photography. The history of photography dates back to 1000 A.D., when a man by the name of Alhazen invented the pinhole camera (Bellis). Ever sine this marvelous invention, the art of photography has grown. When the ability of taking pictures was first introduced to the world, few people could afford it so in the beginning it wasn’t very popular. Today, it is seldom heard of that a household does not own one or more cameras. The way technology has advanced over the years, most cell phones today even have cameras built in them. As a result of the growing popularity the physical camera advanced to meet the demands of its new found audiences (Bellis). Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are guaranteed to have millions of visitors daily. With all of these visitors, advertisors have an excellent place to do what they do best; advertise. They do this by selecting a photo that is appealing to a particular audience and providing a brief description on how that photo relates to their product or services and how the reader could benefit from this. How the picture is displayed is crucial to the overall benefit of the advertisement so it is imperitive that a good photographer is used in order to make sure the photo is as attractive as possible. Advertising is the best way for businesses to reach out to the youth in order to make a profit and keep the economy flowing as smoothly as it can. Although advertising through social media is not the only way to do it, it is the most common and most effective (“The Social Media Advertising Ecosystem Explained”). Clearly picture advertisments are needed on social networking sites to keep the sites funded while selling a product to keep the businesses funded.

Photo editing is a crucial step in the creating of the final photograph. It is required that a photographer has basic knowledge of photo editing if one wants to be successful. The most important part of a photo shoot is the work it involves after the photos have been shot! Post processing photo editing has become the anthem for many professional photographers (“What Is Photo Editing?”). To achieve above work standards, the photo editing professionals have to use the correct software. There are many different kinds of software that have been introduced for professional editors. Photo editing gives people the ability of re-sizing and cropping their picture, changing the exposure and contrast of their picture, special effects and many more features depending on the editing software. Photo editing is a beautiful process that can remove unwanted blemishes and any unwanted objects from digital photos (“What Is Photo Editing?”). A photo editor is in charge of what the final photograph will look like. If the editors are successful, the photo will appear to be un-edited, but will display a beautiful flawless image. Photo editing is an essential part of photography.

Once the photos have been edited, it opens up many possibilitys on the web. There are multiple social networking sites that use photography and photo editing as their main purpose. Snapchat, Instgram, and Tumblr all include photography in social media. All of these social...
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