Media and the Self

Topics: Communication, Family, Social network service Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: June 3, 2013
It is to no surprise that social networking has had an impact in shaping our self- identities. Some questions that I’ve asked myself, who am I? Where do I fit in society? We ask ourselves these and other self- reflective questions several times in our lifetime because our self- concept is how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Social networking has not only affected the way we perceive ourselves but it’s also had an impact in how we communicate in our households, with our family and friends. During my childhood, I lived in a society in which social networking was non-existent. Everyone effectively communicated interpersonally, individuals were not afraid to say a simple hello to a stranger, children were active and willing to interact with other children and adolescents didn’t have such a low self-esteem. Now, social networking has taken the role of communication onto a personal level.   In the household that I grew up in, my parents believed that communicating effectively with them and with the world outside was vital to the development of my character, Therefore, I was encouraged to explore the outdoors, converse with loved ones and maintain a productive lifestyle. Growing up within a Mexican culture which was collectivist, social gatherings with my intermediate family consisted of preparing food together, conversing about our day and bonding together while playing Loteria. It was what kept us tightly knitted as a family. From my observations, I have seen that other co-cultures have been greatly influenced by the dominant role of technology and social networking. Communication has completely vanished in some households. From growing up in a family that had such a close bond it is a disappointment to see the influence that video games, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have negatively influence our lives.

Social networking has changed the way people view themselves because there is a need to often feel accepted by others. Constantly...
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