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Taking pictures is the world's most popular hobby. We use it to document family milestones, capture beauty, reveal the ugliness of war, and stalk celebrities. Photography has changed the world way more than any other thing in the media (because photography is used in film and television). Our world no longer has its focus on words and paintings, but now it is focused on the photograph. There are several effects on how photography has changed the world: the civil war, social network, medicine, outer space, and society.

First, historians say that photography changed the war in several ways. Intense images of battlefield horrors by Matthew Brady (photographer) were presented to the public for the first time at exhibits in New York and Washington, many later reproduced by engravings in newspapers and magazines of the time. (Niller) During the American Civil War, the people were shocked by the photographs of battle when they were published in the newspapers. (Salama) This was the first time war had been photographed for the public, and the first time they had seen the reality of death. (Salama) Before this, they only heard stories and were told of the heroes, but these stories were not always true. (Salama) When they saw the pictures, the fields of the dead, the blood on the ground, people running around with a gun in their hand and blood all over their body, their ideas of war were totally changed. (Salama) They had heard of death, but actually seeing it was a whole different story. (Salama) They began to look at war as a more serious life or death situation. (Salama) "Mr. Brady has done something to bring home to us the terrible reality and earnestness of war. If he has not brought bodies and laid them in our dooryards and along the streets, he has done something very like it," wrote the New York Times on Oct. 20, 1862 about Brady's New York exhibit just a month after the bloody Battle of Antietam. (Niller)

Second, people have made social...
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