Phisical Education

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Physical Education

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28 October 2010
Physical Education
I. Evaluating Three Fitness Products
A. Exercise device
B. An article
C. Food supplement
II. Conclusions and Implications

Physical Education
Evaluating Three Fitness Products
It is extremely important to analyze the products that are aimed at strengthening human health and shaping human bodies. As people should be aware of the genuine effect of different exercise devices, articles of health products, and food supplements, it is necessary to asses those products in accordance with certain criteria. In this respect, the abovementioned products can be considered more or less effective or those having negative effect on human health after a thorough examination. Thus, the products designed for improvement of health and physical condition should be effective and harmless for the category of people that is the target audience of this product. Exercise device

1. The exercise device requires the effort consistent with the FIT formula. This device is designed to make people’s abs flat; at least, the advertisements claim this to be true. 2. The exercise device is safe when used carefully and the exercises done using this device are effective for the abs only. Besides, some people can believe that the result of flat abs can be reached without certain efforts in the shortest possible time. I did not think that the results would come easily and quickly; so, I think that this device was rather effective and safe. 3. Actually, there are claims that the device uses the exercise that is effortless since the advertisement makes people believe that they can reach results without efforts. 4. Exercise can be done regularly using this device as it is light enough for home use and can be effective, especially if you have some painful feelings in your neck while performing exercises aimed at raising the upper part of your body and squeezing your abs because there is a special cushion. 5. There are no gimmick words used in the advertisement of this device. However, ads claim that a person can easily get flat abs using this device. 6. The seller’s credentials do not seem to be sound as this devise in only useful for people that want to start some physical training and have some painful feelings in their neck. 7. The product does something for me that cannot be done without it. When I started my training, I had little experience in what should be done with my body, physical exercises, and my diet. So, this was an effective method at a reasonable price. 8. Actually, I had gotten it from a person I know. As he did not need it anymore, I could use it for free. 9. I do not think that the cost of the product is justified with potential benefits because the expected benefits do not come unless a person uses this device for training at the beginning and then applies more comprehensive strategies to physical training. 10. The device is really easy to store as it is light and does not require much place. The device is called Ab Roller and it looks like a hula hoop bent in the middle so that its sides form a kind of an arch.

An article
The article under consideration is the following: Strong, William B. et al. “Evidence Based Physical Activity for School-Age Youth.” The Journal of Pediatrics 146 (2005):732-737. 1. The credentials of the author seem to be sound.

Besides the author of the article has a corresponding grade of Doctor of Medicine which makes me believe that everything mentioned in the article has a scientific basis and can be practically proved. 2. The facts in the article are consistent with those described in the book. Moreover, the author provides each idea with substantial references to scholarly articles and books by experienced doctors. 3. The author does not claim...

Cited: Strong, William B. et al. “Evidence Based Physical Activity for School-Age Youth.” The Journal of Pediatrics 146 (2005):732-737.
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