Peru or Biru

Topics: Peru, Andes, Inca Empire Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Biru or Peru?
Peru's territory is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia on the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and finally Chile and Bolivia to the south and to the west lies the Pacific Ocean. In Peru you can find anything from steaming jungles to creeping glaciers, Peru, hugging South America's west coast, wraps its borders around dramatically varied geography with elicits varied cultures. A little smaller than Alaska, Peru has coastal deserts so dry that no one there has ever recorded rain. The oceans are so chilled from the Arctic surfers should forget, mountains so new that they're still growing, earthquake activity so frequent that buildings never exceed a few stories, glaciers so near the equator that they're called "tropical" and jungles so dense that only rivers have access.

Peru’s Sierra Mountains covers across an area the size of Rhode Island. Westward, into or over the Andes Mountains, are extreme separation in culture and value. Here you can find some of the world’s highest mountains, like the Huascaran and the Yerupaja (Flores). Peru’s high Andes are the land of the Incas; the Incas were the native South American people that once ruled one of the largest and richest empires. Their empire covered much of present-day Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile and parts of Columbia and Argentina. Spain invaded in the 16th century and conquered the Incan Empire. The Andes Mountains is a model of more than 200 granite buildings (Flores). Tourist can travel only by a four-day hike or nearly two-hour train rides through the Urubamba River canyon covered with ferns and fog. Machu Picchu was established into the mountainous terrain by Incan people as a rich estate and religious retreat. Close to Machu Picchu is the city of Cuzco, where the native residents gather to honor the Sun God. The festival is called “Inti Raymi Festival of the Sun,” which is held on June 24th. Natives sacrifice an animal to ensure good crops and to pay admiration to the Incas, as the...
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