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Topics: Costa Rica, Latin America, Nicaragua Pages: 4 (774 words) Published: November 2, 2014
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Katelyn Nolan
Mrs. Carmadelle
Current Event
September 7, 2014
American charged in husband’s Costa Rica death: Experts question case

I chose to write about an interesting current event in Costa Rica, an American woman, Ann Bender, was charged in the death of her husband, John Bender, on January 8, 2010, in their Costa Rican jungle compound. The couple had moved to there ten years prior to 2000. The husband, John Bender was 45 years old. He made millions of dollars in the stock market, having gained a personal fortune of about a 100 million dollars. The Benders turned to Costa Rica as a chance for a new beginning and to use the money to help the world. They purchased 5,000 acres of land to start a wildlife refuge and to build their dream home. Unfortunately, both John and Ann had spent years trying to overcome mood swings and depression, the move to Costa Rica did not prove to be the refuge they ultimately desired. Some of the locals resented them, although they did help bring jobs, running water and electricity to the community. The real problems began only a year after their move to the Costa Rica Jungle. In April 2001, both John and Ann were taken at gun point by an unmarked vehicle with the men claiming to be police officials and detained for 6 hours. The couple finally learned the reason after the Costa Rican Authorities, served John Bender with legal papers relating to a lawsuit from his stock market days. The incident frightened both of the Benders and a home invasion shortly after only made matters worse. The Benders became afraid that being wealthy

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foreigners had made potential targets, so they purchased firearms and hired private security. The stress and distraught brought a toll on the Benders causing more depression. By the winter of 2009, John Bender was talking about suicide everyday. On January 8, 2010, John Bender could not bear life anymore and was found by his wife attempting to take his own life with a gun to his...
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