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Jefferson vs. San Martín

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A revolution is “a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.” There have been countless revolutions throughout history but the American Revolution in particular is more commonly known about in the United States. Although more nationally known, the American Revolution wasn’t the only group of European colonists to rise up against their distant rulers during their time. In the early 19th century, many colonies in South America rose up against Spanish rule for many reasons similar to the colonies in the North who revolted against the British. Ideology, geopolitics, and material interests encouraged the rebellions in both the American and Latin American independence movements. While very similar in cause, each revolution occurred in different ways and was influenced by different leaders. Thomas Jefferson was a prominent leader of the American Revolution while Jose de San Martín was a significant figure in the independence movement for Latin America. Both Jefferson and San Martín had similar motives of leading their people to independence, but took different courses of action in doing so.

Both Jose de San Martín and Thomas Jefferson were significant leaders during their nation’s independence movements. The two men had similar incentives to step up and guide their nations to freedom. They were a part of distant colonies that felt strongly about gaining independence from their “mother countries” and took action to make it happen. They were both political leaders in their nations and were looked up to by the people. The two men were successful in their endeavors in liberating their nations from both Spanish and British rule and are considered the Founding Fathers of their nations. Although their motives were similar and their success were the same, San Martín and Jefferson had very different ideas about how one should lead and both men lead their nations...
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