Persuasive Speech Outline on Eating Healthy on the Go

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Life can be busy theses days, right? We have our careers, children, school among other things going on. Somehow, even though we want the best for ourselves and our children, making healthy meal choices can be challenging. We Tend to make bad choices, due to our hectic schedules and poor planning. How many of you find it challenging to eat healthy while on the go? How many of you would like to eat healthier and maybe save some money at the same time? As my daughter’s and my own schedule become heftier it’s been easy to make unhealthy choices. Concerned with the health risks associated with a poor diet, I decided to look into some ways that I could make changes pertinent to a healthier diet. Today I would like to share with you some simple ways you can incorporate healthy eating into your busy lifestyle. Specifically, I will be sharing with you, ideas for healthy dinner planning, choosing restaurants wisely, the benefits of a packing a lunch and how keeping nutritious snacks on hand allow you to eat something decent while maintaining a busy life.


I. Healthy dinners can be inexpensive and simple

A. Canned and box items are simple and allow for portion control

1. Uncle Bens minute (brown) rice

2. Barilla whole grain pasta

3. Health Choice soup

4. Whole grain wraps

B. Plan dinners ahead of time

1. Make a meal plan for the week

2. Make a spreadsheet for each day of the week

3. Make a list when going to the grocery store

C. Many Droid phones have free aps for meal planning

1. Food planner - Henrik Nielsen

2. Menu planner-

3. My family meal planner- My family meal planner

D. Healthy, microwaveable dinners are quick and inexpensive

1. Smart Ones

2. Healthy Choice

3. Lean Cuisine

E. Making meals you can freeze can save you time

1. Vegetable Lasagna

2. Veggie Jambalaya

3. Soup

4. Casserole

II.Choose wisely if eating out

A. Many restaurants are incorporating healthier choices into their menus

1. Salads

2. Baked or grilled entrees

3. Calorie counter sections

4. Low-carb options

5. Fruits and yogurts

B. You can make choices that are healthier when ordering

1. Don’t add on mayo or other fattening condiments

2. Don’t buy into value the meal costing less. You can do w/out the fries.

3. Do w/out getting foods fried, get it grilled or broiled.

C. Some restaurants geared toward healthy eating

1. Panara

2. Subway

3. Quick check

III.Pack a healthy lunch

A. Healthier choices can be made when not eating out

B. Usually less expensive than eating out

C. Many convenient and healthy options

1.Deli meats such as turkey, chicken etc…

2.Fruit cups, yogurts, whole fruits

3. Pre-cut Veggies

D. You can prepare your lunch the night before for convenience

IV.Keep healthy snacks accessible, to keep hunger at bay

A. Fruit

B. Yogurt

C. Whole Grain cereal bars

1. Special K bar

2. Fiber One bar

3. Bag of almonds

D. Water is very good for you, and it fills you up!

1. Purchase a reusable water bottle and bring water from home

2. Fill at surrounding water fountains and coolers

Today I have shared with you some different ways you can incorporate healthier eating into a busy lifestyle. I have given you some suggestions for healthy dinners, planning meals, tips on making healthy choices when eating out, the benefits of packing a lunch and keeping nutritious snacks handy all while maintaining a busy lifestyle. With this, I hope you realize with just a little planning, you can make simple, healthier choices, while maintaining a busy schedule.

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