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PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE SAMPLE - MOTIVATED SEQUENCE PATTERN By Fui Oili (with modifications made by S. Pastor) TITLE: Vacation in Hawaii GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade SPECIFIC PURPOSE (GOAL): To persuade my audience to choose to take a vacation to the neighbor islands before taking a vacation out of the state or country. GENERAL IDEA: Visitors come from all over the world to experience the beauty and adventure of Hawaii. However, many local residents haven’t had the opportunity to experience all that our islands have to offer. Instead of always travelling to the mainland for vacations, Hawaii residents should first experience the uniqueness of vacationing right here on a neighbor island. INTRODUCTION (Attention Step) I. (Attention getter): Over the PA system the agent announced the arrival of United flight 93 arriving from Los Angeles, California. I waited at the baggage claim entrance where I stood there holding my lei and sign with the names of the visitors I was to greet from their flight. As the people started to flow out of the doors I called out, “Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams”, all the while thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner and wondering what my kids were doing. When the visitors finally arrived, I was quickly brought back to my reality as I greeted each one with a lei and I said, “Aloha, welcome to Kauai.” With excited smiles on their faces they thanked me and told me how excited they were to be in Hawaii and how they couldn’t wait to start their vacation. The thing that really hit me was when they said, “You are so lucky you live in Hawaii!” Immediately I was reminded of how true that statement is. It’s ironic that it took a visitor from another part of the world to remind me that yes, Hawaii is an amazing place to explore, even for those of us who already live here. (Reveal Topic): This morning, I’d like to encourage all of you to seriously consider taking your next vacation on any of our Hawaiian islands instead of travelling out of state. Even though there are many places all over the world to visit, I’m saying that it is also worthwhile to choose to a vacation on a neighbor island too. (Relevancy): Now, you might be asking yourself, why would I want to take a vacation in Hawaii when I already live here? And that is a great question. While many of us have lived here for most of our lives, few have had the opportunity to travel to all of the outer islands. Yes, many of us have done the sports or hula trip and the occasional family gathering or reunion trip, but how many of us can say that we’ve gone to really explore the islands to their fullest the way so many tourists from all over the world do? I don’t think very many of us can really say that. Yet we’ll save our money to visit places like California or Las Vegas time and time again. It’s my hope that one day we all get the chance to experience all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. (Creditability and Good Will): Working in the tourism industry for years, I’ve had many opportunities to visit some of the most spectacular places in Hawaii. I’ve also had many conversations with visitors who confirm the beauty of our islands. I have also researched this topic carefully. (Preview Main Points): First, I’d like to address some of the problems or concerns people have with vacationing here on a neighbor island instead of out of state. Then, I’d like to share some ideas to help eliminate those problems, and finally I’d like to paint a picture of the perfect island vacation. 1  






(Signpost): First, let’s take a look at some barriers stopping us from taking that island getaway. BODY I. (Need Step/Identify Problem): The two most common concerns I’ve heard from Hawaii residents are that they want to experience something “different” when they go on vacation, and that they think vacations in Hawaii can be too expensive, which leads them to believe that they are better off travelling somewhere else. A. Hawaii residents want...

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