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Topics: Nose, Mucus, Finger Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Assessment of the Nose
External Inspection
* Inspect the nose, noting any trauma, bleeding, lesions, masses, swelling, and asymmetry. Normal Findings| Abnormal Findings|
The shape of the external nose can vary gently among individuals. Normally, it is located symmetrically in the midline of the face and is without swelling, bleeding, lesions, or masses.| The nose is misshapen, broken, or swollen.|

1. Have the patient occlude one nostril with a finger.
2. Ask the patient to breathe in and out through the nose as you observe and listen for air movement in and out of the nostril. 3. Repeat on the other side.
Normal Findings| Abnormal Findings|
Each nostril is patent.| -You observe or the patient states that air cannot moved through the nostril(s).- nasal drainage is observed from only one side of the nose.|

Internal Inspection
1. Position the patient with the head in an extended position. 2. Place the nondominant hand firmly on top of the patient’s head. 3. Using the thumb of the same hand, lift the tip of the patient’s nose. 4. Gently insert a nasal speculum or an otoscope with a short, wide nasal speculum. If using a nasal speculum, use a penlight to view the nostrils. 5. Assess each nostril separately.

6. Inspect the mucous membranes for color and discharge.
7. Inspect the middle and inferior tubinates and the middle meatus for color, swelling, drainage, lesions, and polyps. 8. Observe the nasal septum for deviation, perforation, lesions, and bleeding.

Normal Findings| Abnormal Findings|
The nasal mucosa should be pink or dull red without swelling or polyps. The septum is at the midline and without perforation, lesions, or bleeding. A small amount of clear, watery discharge is normal.| -a nasal septum that is “pushed” to one side can be abnormal findings.A nasal septum with a hole or fissure is abnormal. * A nasal cavity that is occluded is abnormal. * The nasal mucosa is red and...
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