Persuasive Speech

Topics: United States, 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iraq War Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: May 9, 2015
SPEECH 100-1810
Kemi Olukanni
Public Speaking Assignment #4
The Persuasive Speech Outline

I. Topic: Non-profit organization or charity organization
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to give back to our nation’s wounded warriors. Claim of: One out of five veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are diagnosed with PTSD, veteran’s account for 20 percent of U.S suicide.

II. Attention Getter:
PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of life-threatening events such as the military combat, natural disasters, terrorism incidents, or any major tragedy. This is common in the life of veterans and is the leading cause of suicide among veterans. A VA patient who survived in Baghdad shares his experience with PTSD and explains how he knew he had this disability. Many veterans speak out about this issue and describe their continuous anger, alcohol addiction, and constantly wanted to fight. They usually feel very isolated and distant from their loved ones. One patient states, “PTSD involves rocketing into extreme states of stress re-activity; in the form of terror, rage, and uncontrollable impulses, and plunging into equally extreme states of being shut-down—exhaustion, emotional numbing, despair, and dissociation”. PTSD is about having fear and anxiety, allowing veterans to rage with anger and different emotion. There are many factors to PTSD, which affects others in different ways; or example, using video games to keep them occupied, spending money due to the lack of impulse control because of changes in their brain, and even not obtaining another job.

III. Body:
Reason one: Please donate or volunteer to the Iraq Veterans Against the War because many veterans becoming homeless and need money to provide a shelter for themselves.

Evidence/ Source 1:
According to a December 30th, 1987 New York Times article, many veterans lose their...
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