Persuasive Esaay

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Persuasive Election Essay
David Runyon 11-2-12 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is my choice by far compared to our last president. Romney would be my choice for these reasons: his coal support, his Christian ideas for America, and his plan for lowering gas prices for our country. Romney has continually seen what things need to be done and how to do them to make our country strive. President Obama’ s plan has been attempted but not successful in anyway. We are in a bigger debt now than when he came into office. Obama care is okay for the upper and middle class, but if you make between 20 and 35 thousand dollars a year you have to pay for the healthcare some how.

Coal is the most vital thing for the state of West Virginia and a main reason Romney has so much support here. A main problem is the Environmental Protection Agency. The rules for the EPA have gone too far for this day and time in America. With Romney in office the EPA will get scaled down.

America is a Christian nation and always will be. President Obama was once part of a Muslim church and was filmed doing so. This shows weakness for our country and is unacceptable. Being not a Christian causes him to be for abortion as well. America needs to take action and not allow this to go on for the next 4 years.

Romney has a great plan to lower gas prices. A proposal was brought up while Obama was in office that would allow us to drill a oil line from Texas to Canada, and the thought is we have more oil in our country than our foreign distributors do. Romney knows we want to be the nation with resources left in the end. Using some of our own oil will put pressure on our foreign distributors and make them lower their oil price because they would not be selling nearly as much. President Obama turned this proposal down and does not support it.

You as a voter probably have a way different outlook on things than I do,...
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