Personal Strategic Plan

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Personal Strategic Plan
Zachary Palmer
Indiana University East

1. Mission/Vision/Competitive Advantage
My long term personal mission in my career is to own and run a hugely successful eighteen-hole PGA certified golf course. I envision my shorter term career goals as being stepping stones to this. Being financially comfortable and secure, eventually having enough capital to invest in a business is a major focus of mine. Honing my skills as a golfer and a golf professional to the master level will serve me well in making business connections. Finally, acquiring business acumen by studying and learning from the professionals in my life already will give me what I need for running a business. By focusing on these short term goals, I can be confident in my ability to fulfill my core mission. I have many qualities that make me attractive to potential employers. Being a reliable and quality worker is evident in my work history; I have worked at the same organization since I was sixteen, and have carried part time jobs at other organizations. I present myself professionally and have the social skills to make good relationships with customers, clients, coworkers, and anyone else relevant to my job. 2. SWOT Analysis

I have great passion for the game, which will serve me well in my career. This passion extends pass the love of the game and into my life as a golf professional, driving me to work my hardest while learning and understanding everything there is to know about the golfing world. I breath, eat, and sweat golf – I cannot envision my life without it. I believe this passion to be my greatest competitive advantage. All I need are the practical tools to make my dreams a reality. I am willing to work endlessly to achieve this. Though it may my greatest strength, passion is far from the only strength I can identify. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, always willing to try new things and ways of making money. Ever since I was...
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