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Topics: Competence, Skill, Learning Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Personal Plan: Reflection
Arizona Streeval
February 7, 2013
Deb Lambert

Personal Plan: Reflection
I was shocked at how closely my career interests and my results were matched. Previous to these career building plans we have been doing, I was almost entirely sure I had chosen the right degree to pursue. Now after doing these activities, they have helped solidify that my career choice is definitely appropriate for me, and it aligns with my skills and strengths as well. For instance; researching, is my second largest strength. I already knew that I loved to investigate and dig deeper into things, particularly human behaviors. Therefore, Psychology is the perfect major for me because it is aligned directly with my skills, strengths, and interests. I had never really put much thought into my strengths before, per-say. When I would consider strengths and competencies I would mostly think about general skills, like reading or math. I never considered such things as; adaptability or innovation, to be a skill. Now that this activity has put my certain strength into perspective, I think my results match up really well with my competency skills. I knew already that I was good at taking initiative and investigating situations but, it did surprise me however, to find out I did fairly well at adapting to change. I do not personally think I am fabulous at this particular skill, so having a visual aid to help add depth and meaning to each of my own personal strengths and competencies is wonderful. SMART goals are a very efficient way for me to break down my long-term goals into shorter, more specific and measurable ones. Using SMART goals as a part of my personal plan helps me set milestones to see what needs to be achieved; by what time, and in which order, so I can reach my ultimate goal. They have taught me how to use a rewards system for achieving my goals. This way, I am training myself to; work now and play later, so to speak. Exploring in depth what each...
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