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Goal Setting Worksheet

Review this week’s resources and readings (for example SMART criteria, and the Career Plan Building Activities). Respond to the following in 75 to 150 words each:

1. Describe one academic goal that you have created using the SMART criteria. How do SMART criteria contribute to your academic goals I have been having a hard time with completing my assignments in a timely manner so my academic goal is to complete my assignments on time. My goal is to read my materials in the beginning of each week, then start working on my assignments through out the rest of the week. My plan is to write down each assignment with their due dates and put it next to my computer and on my refrigerator so that I will always be reminded when they need to be turned in. Using the smart criteria contributes to my goals by helping me to get my assignments turned in on time and by helping me stay focused on my goal to successfully complete my courses.

2. Describe one future professional/career goal you have created using the SMART criteria and Career Plan Building Activities results. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development? On my Career Building Activities results my score for Networking was low. My goal is to easily establish good relationships with customers and staff. I need be able to relate well to people at all levels, build wide and effective networks of contacts, and uses humor appropriately to bring warmth to relationships with others. Because my future career involves meeting new people on a daily, improving on my networking skills is important. The Career Plan Building on Competencies really has confirmed what I already knew about my personality. It made me want to become better at my networking skills because it is vital in my future career.

3. Describe the stress and...
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