Strategic Plan

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Strategic plan

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
University of Phoenix
Miriam Dozier
March 7, 2011

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Health Bod is a store focused upon relaxation as an aid in healthy living. Health Bod provides a variety of products, tools, and techniques for customers to practice at home relaxation therapy. These products include body and cosmetic services, aroma therapy products, reflexology, perfumes, and candles. The achievement of a healthy balance of mind, spirit, and body is Healthy Place’s focus. Business, Products, and Customers: Mission Statement

Health Bod is designated to service a variety of clientele including varying cultures, ethnicities, and religions all with the common goal of achieving relaxation and stress relief. The main competition for Health Bod will be other relaxation therapy stores and spas. Customers have the choice between going to a spa and paying huge dollars or come into a store with a relaxing comfortable atmosphere that will assist the customer in creating a spa experience at home. This is how Health Bod will create a niche for itself in the business market and become a huge competitor for spas. The store will have and display an assortment of Guided imagery, which is a technique used by many for stress management and coping. These guided images will be available for customers to utilize and purchase for at home therapy. Organization Vision

The vision of Health Bod is to provide the best products, tools, and techniques available in an attempt to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants in a comfortable, relaxing, and discrete atmosphere. The future vision the author has for the company is a vision that employees will be proud. This will be achieved by the company supporting and giving back to the community. By doing all the above Healthy Place will eventually become a company that is embodied with values and principles.

One can think of values as...
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