Personal Interview

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Motivation Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: July 5, 2009
Personal Interview Profile
Tammy Harker
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Personal Interview Profile
This is an in death overview of research and an interview I conducted to acknowledge and analyze different attitudes and personalities. I interviewed a person who has a successful experience for my personal interview. I wanted to gain the best knowledge I could about specific interview questions related to basic psychology concepts. Furthermore, acquiring special knowledge through credibility, I tend to tolerate different abilities, attitudes, and views in various life fields. This profile is based on research in the following fields of study such as memory, learning, testing, personality, intelligence, motivation, and social cognition, which are the key concepts in everyday life. Learning and Memory

Knowing how I process information helps me get structured. The question is when reading something do I instantly place it to memory? Or, do I like to remember information by observing the behavior? The first step when interviewing the interviewee was to start with identifying what type of information processor he is: insightful, observational, or experiential. His response turned out to be both insightful and experiential styles of learning, and he shared interesting ways to memorize things. “I learn and remember information by associating it to something I am already aware of; when I need to recall it, I need activation to initiate the recall”, he said. In other words, the learner is “transported” back to a moment when the new information was introduced to him. That is how the interviewee remembers names and phone numbers of people he knew about 5 years ago. There are more types of learning for the information to be optimally remembered, a typical one is the observational learning. Compared to experiential and insight learning this type applies the social learning theory which occurs when an observer changes his/her behavior in...

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