Personal Health Assessment

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Personal Health assessment
Jessie Sanders
April 8, 2013
Tamera Young

Personal Health assessment
The three dimensions of health that I am strongest in are Social health, Emotional health, and Intellectual health. I am stronger in Social health I get along with everyone, I try to see the good in my friends, and I am a good listener. My second highest score came in Emotional health. I believe I am stronger in the emotional dimension because I can control my emotions and express myself without confrontation. I am also a flexible person and friends tend to rely on me for support. My third strongest area is Intellectual health. I am strong in this area because I carefully consider consequences and learn from my mistakes. I know how to manage time, I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a person, and friends trust my judgment.

The three dimensions of health I could use improvement are Physical health, Environmental health, and Spiritual health. A few things I could do to improve my physical health would be to do exercises designed to strengthen my muscles and increase my endurance. I could also start doing stretches and limbering exercises to increase my body awareness. With environmental health I could just to do my part to preserve natural resources, and learn about hazard in my living area. To improve my spiritual health I need to just slow down and enjoy the things around me, sympathize with the people in need, and live life, and not let it pass me by.

Some of the habits I make with health are my eating habits. One thing I could do to improve is make sure I bring a healthy lunch to eat instead of going to lunch as often. I could also learn what foods are healthy for me and cook them for dinner. I could also work on my physical health by walking with my wife after work, take my son on bike rides, and finding...

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