Peronal Beliefs

Topics: Ethics, Management, Employment Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: January 16, 2013
“What do you do if your personal values are in conflict with organizational/interpersonal business protocols?” Personal values deal with ethical standards, morals, beliefs, integrity, respect, commitment, understanding and unbiased behaviors. Values are the basic believes that are important to you, the ones that guide your choices and tell you what is right or wrong (Pace, 2006). It would be extraordinarily hard to work in a company where my personal values are in conflict with the organization’s values. I believe, as an employee, I would be going down a road of destruction, a hostile work environment and will be faced with challenges from leadership. When a conflict is presented, the first step is to have an action plan, have a clear and organized train of thoughts and proceed with the plan in a professional manner. The second step is to professionally approach your manager about the situation. Honesty is the best policy in any relationship; in this particular case, between management and employees. In an ideal workplace environment, employees are hopeful for a compromise, between manager and employee, however, it is very hard to have a solution when there are different personal values going against the problem. Some decisions are expedited without making clear and ethical judgments. On the other hand, other decisions have been presented in a matter where the conflict has been investigated and a solution has been thoroughly evaluated. Poor judgment often leads to additional conflicts and may even increase high turnover rates in the organization. In a department with poor leadership, there will be constant disagreements, lack of communication will increase, continuous finger pointing when errors are made, and the employees’ expectation of the department as a whole will be re-evaluated and employees’ morale will eventually start to decrease. I strongly believe that managers should be conscientious of their employees’ values and beliefs in order to make...
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