Value Alignment

Topics: Customer, Value, Customer service Pages: 4 (1212 words) Published: July 27, 2010
Value Alignment for Wal-Mart

Fadi Anadri, Betrina Hood, Schercitha Miller, Samantha Redfearn


Bill Crigger

July 21, 2010

Value Alignment for Wal-Mart

An individual’s personal values depict what is important in his or her life, and such values often determine his or her behavior. Furthermore, values are an enlightenment of why people act or react the way they do, based on their personal beliefs. The combined values of an individual and organization must be compatible to produce a successful relationship and work in harmony. Wal-Mart’s values have been in place for 40 years. The company holds dear to three golden values, which are: 1) showing respect to all individuals, 2) providing exquisite service to customers, and 3) continually striving for excellence. Team B assesses their personal values, and compares them to Wal-Mart’s value-based plans and actions to see if they are compatible. Through this assessment, Team B will be able to determine if they can cohesively give the customer what he or she wants, at a reasonable price, following Wal-Mart’s organizational values.

Team B’s values, plans, and actions

Values are not static concepts that one may acquire at some point, and adopt for the rest of his or her life. Instead, values are an ever evolving process influenced by observing what others say and do, and shaped by one’s personal experiences. Fadi’s personal values were shaped by his parents’ teachings and reinforced through schools, figures of authority, and the local community. Working for a large corporation such as Microsoft, helps him better understand how his actions are driven through the demonstration of an organic relationship between his personal values and the organization’s. If one is to examine Microsoft’s stated values, he or she will find that this organization strives on aligning the employee’s values with the company’s values. Microsoft states that “as a company, and as individuals, we value...

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