Ethical concerns of Security Guards
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Relevant facts
According to an article in the November 2nd, 2012 issue of the Jamaica Observer, entitled “Marksman fires security guards involved in Utech beating”
A male student was reportedly caught on campus in “a compromising position” with another male student in a bathroom.

Incensed fellow students are said to have pursued the pair, one of whom escaped, while the other sought refuge in the guard room at the entrance of the Papine campus where he was attacked by the apparently homophobic security personnel.

"This student was physically assaulted by on-duty security guards employed by the contracted security company, Marksman Limited, while several other students encircled the guard room attempting to get hold of the student," according to a joint statement issued by UTech, the UTech Students' Union, and Marksman Limited.

Issues that raise ethical Concerns
Security guards acting out of the scope of their duties by violently beating student seeking refuge.
Harmful accusations and defamation of character of the students involved.
Any student’s safety may be at risk by other students at anytime.
Unprofessional and potentially damaging actions carried out based on personal beliefs.

Identify the values in conflict
The security guard acted upon his apparent homophobic nature and probably thought his actions were socially justified due to the homophobic culture we live in.
While the student’s trust in the security force’s protection of him was violated.

Who will be affected
The main stakeholders affected by this situation would be The University of Technology, Jamaica, where the security guard was posted, and also Marksman Limited, where the security guard was a contracted employee. Both organizations suffered bad publicity as a result of the incident. The university may have even lost interest of prospective students and lecturers whilst Marksman limited may have lost potential foreign and local investors.
This may also

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