Performance Coaching Model and Methodology: An Evaluation

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S2E2 Performance Coaching Model





Performance Coaching Methodology

Study Top Performers + Business Team Inputs

MI Inputs Best Practices

Document Org * Way of Doing things

Performance Tracking

Evaluate Current Performance

Refresher programs

Project Team of Org*+ MI

Educate Everyone on the Org* Way of Doing Things

Audit, Evaluation and Reporting

Update on the Product and Process Knowledge

Supervisor Training and Skilling

Customized On the Job Coaching

Sensitise on the Skills Required

Legend: 1. Study 2. Standardize 3. Evaluate 4. Educate

4 Important Dimensions of the COACHING Methodology:
1. Study : Study includes the following Steps a. Study and Document the Work Habits of Top Performers. Methodology: Interview & Field Observation i. Also take inputs from relevant teams from the Client Organization. Methodology: Interview with Top Performers, Supervisors & Team head / Business Head b. Study and Incorporate Industry Best Practices Methodology: MI Team to study Best Practices nationally and internationally through KM within the company, client reference, Information collection, Industry Analysis, Competition mapping, Web search etc., 2. Standardize: a. Finalize and Document Client Organizational Way Doing it. Document to have details like: 1. Context 2. Step wise Content 3. Each Step Success Criteria 4. Guidelines, Do’s and Don’ts. 5. Formats to be used with info on how to use them 6. Reporting Structures Evaluate: Evaluation is a important process helping ongoingly fine tune the various activities and strategies during the Performance Coaching Project. The 3 Evaluation aspects are: a. Organizational, Departmental and Individual Performance Analysis in the beginning of the Project. Current Performance Evaluation: Should give details on the gaps, as well as the strengths to leverage and the weakness to be compensated / dealt with. b. Audit, Evaluation and Similarly at regular intervals during the project and Regular Audit & Evaluation: This will give the online progress information and also become the input for the fine tuning of the Learning/ Training / Coaching methodology as well as any additional supports for the project success. c. At the Final Project Completion Stage. Final Performance Tracking: Final Performance Tracking and Reporting will allow to document the Impact of the Intervention and if required can also help in mapping the ROI. Recommended: Performance tracking should also be done on regular intervals, to ensure fine tuning of the project.



Educate: Education is the heart of the Project and has multiple stages to be taken care of. a. Educate the Target Audience on the Client Organizational Way of Doing things. Methodology: Self Study / ILT Medium: Email / Portal / Print / ILT / VC / Web cast etc., b. Update and Ensure Required Product and Process Knowledge. Methodology: Self Study / ILT Medium: Email / Portal / Print / ILT / VC / Web cast etc., c. Sensitize on the Skills Required. Methodology: Self Study / ILT Medium: Email / Portal / Print / ILT / VC / Web cast etc., d. Customized On the Job Coaching. Customized based on the current performance and competency levels. Methodology : On the Job Coaching Medium : Face to Face Coaching

e. Supervisor Training & Skilling: Step a to d mentioned above to be also done for the concerned Supervisors and other stake holders. Methodology and Medium – as in the case of pts. a to d. f. Refresher programs for Target Audience and the supervisors at pre-designed intervals. Methodology: Self Study / ILT Medium: Email / Portal / Print / ILT / VC / Web cast etc.,

Field Coaching Process: 5 R Process: 1. Reality – Observe Performance Online 2. Record – Document ratings as per Formats 3. Review – Review and Align on Performance Gaps 4. RolePlay – Roleplay by Coach and Coachee – Demonstration. 5. Road Ahead – Action Plan for Study & Development between 2 Visits...
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