Sonoco Products Company : Building a World Class Hr Organisation Case

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HR Case Presentation|
PMS at Packages Ltd.|

Anam Waqar:| Amna Masood: 09-0775|
Dehneez Iqbal: 09-0660| Jaweria Hassan: 09-0688|

Submitted to: Dr. Sadia Nadeem
Performance Objective3
Performance Evaluation6
Competency Evaluation8
Performance Development11
Cnclusion and Recommendation13

Packages limited was found in 1997 as a joint venture between Wazir Ali groups of Pakistan and AB Akerland of rausing of Sweden. It commenced production of its packaging division in 1957 Initially there was no formal system on performance management which allowed judgmental evaluation about individuals. When in 1996 Nayyab joined as the HR development manager, he recognized the need for a formal PM system. The case then revolves around the 3 phases of performance planning management and evaluation stage PERFORMANCE PALNNING STAGE

In the first and the foremost step the employee and manager set performance objectives with mutual agreement PERORMANCE MANAGEMENT STAGE
In the second stage monthly performance of the employee was recorded in the monthly performance record form (exhibit 8). A quarterly review was also held with the manager where the performance of the individual was evaluated without filling any forms. PERFORMANCE EVALUTAION STAGE

The last stage was the evaluation stage, and the performance review period ended at this stage. Annual face to face meetings were held between the employee and the manager. It was a formal process whereby forms were filled prior to the meeting. The strengths and weaknesses of the employee were then discussed and a future prospects and projects were also brought into consideration. However after a year Nayabs internal audit revealed that the PMS was not a very successful one. He then tried to identify the shortfalls in the system and to come up with measures to eliminate them from the system.

Performance Objective
Performance Objectives ought to meet the following criteria’s mentioned below: Specific
It is necessary to be specific and simple to ensure clear objectives, which reduces disputes and confusion. This allows individuals to focus their efforts, and guides them with the necessary resources to achieve goals for the better results. Measurable

A Performance Objective can be measured by quantity as well as by quality, which may not be apparent. Measurements are subject to change and should be reviewed periodically, to provide feedbacks on employee’s performance. Accountability

Accountability for performance objectives must be crystal clear and must specifically state who is accountable. The more detail the better. A clear definition of what he or she is specifically accountable for will help reduce confusion. Relevant

Every performance objective must be linked to the overall business plan and over-arching strategy of the organization. Performance objectives create a link between the direction of each individual employee and divisions to unify the goals of the entire organization. Time based

An achievable time frame must be set for reaching the objective’s goals. A specific target with date and time would help to accomplish performance objective with the entire goal. STRENGTH’S
1. Employees were encouraged to participate in the objective setting part in performance stage. Managers could involve the employee in establishing employee’s individual performance. This fosters ownership and acts as a motivating factor for the employees. (Pg. 4 Para. 9)

2. Senior management believed that performance planning should be a top-down process. Hence the individual objectives were then linked to the corporate objectives. This helped in a way that combine division objectives would thereby equal the corporate objectives.(Pg. 4 Para. 8)...
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