Ethical Performance Evaluations

Topics: Management, Ethics, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Ethical Performance Evaluations
Organizations have a commitment to employees to provide an evaluation based on performance that is being performed the position held. Managers include the aspects of responsibilities, strengths, and weaknesses of performance that are presented on a daily basis by an employee. Managers face moral and ethical issues that require critical decisions to be made. Using ethically responsible management practices and facing social issues during performance evaluations can provide adequate and precise appraisals to employees. Performance Evaluation

A performance evaluation is a system designed for a review of an employee’s overall job performance in the position that the employee is performing in. The evaluation is used to maintain or improve an employee’s job satisfaction of the job progress and personal development. Managers are able to determine future training by determining a guide of what has been learned and developed. In the time of an evaluation managers may determine talents and skills that have gone by unnoticed. During a performance evaluation an employee has the opportunity to discuss job interest and job problems with the manager. Ethical Issues

Managers face moral and ethical issues when providing performance evaluations to employees. Procedures and actions for accurate evaluations are in need to provide a successful evaluation for each employee. Managers may inflate or deflate employees’ ratings on an evaluation because managers believe that providing accurate ratings may hinder performance or motivation (Pynes, 2004., ¶1). Managers have many reasons for acting in ways towards an evaluation either personal or confrontation issues with employees. Some of these reasons include not wanting to give raises for financial reasons, to give raises for personal reasons even to low performing employees, and to use scare tactics to the hard to manage employees. Performance evaluations can be used as a positive motivator by...
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